The Wedding Experience

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime day. It's something you plan for and in the blink of an eye, it's over. That's why its so important to me that #courtneypaigecouple (s) enjoy this special season in their lives. Having someone who you feel like you've known your entire life standing next to you on your wedding day, cheering you on, can be all the difference in your photos. Building relationships with my couples helps me capture who they truly are, their genuine joy and love and real emotions on their best day ever. 

a friend, cheerleader and go to guide

Knowledge and Support

From the moment you become an official #courtneypaigecouple you are going to be loved, served and empowered with knowledge. Every #courtneypaigebride receives a welcome box with a 95 page guide to help you start planning the wedding of your dreams and to make sure it is absolutely picture perfect. Besides the guide I will be sending over numerous other blogs and resources for all kinds of planning topics and tips throughout your entire planning process! Together we will create a timeline to be certain that the vision you have for your wedding is documented as timeless and romantic memories. Most of my brides find this to be the most difficult part because they are usually planning a wedding for the first time. Lucky for you with almost 100 weddings under my belt I can alleviate that stress and help you map out your day perfectly. When you look back on your engagement and your wedding, I want you to remember it as a joyful and happy time in your life, one you can't wait to tell your children about. 

Wedding Day Problem Solver

First things first, little things are bound to run behind, be out of place, or go a little wrong. It happens, and its TOTALLY OKAY! However, having been part of so many weddings, I am usually pretty good at predicting them and preventing them before they even happen. If they do happen, I am a pro at fixing them. I have sewn a broken bustle, retrieved a bouquet forgotten at the dress rehearsal (before the bride even knew) and I've tide pen'd plenty of dresses and groomsman shirts. I keep a giant wedding day emergency kit because you deserve to be able to be present and enjoy the day you have worked so hard for. I never want my couples to look back and see stress in their photos. I keep your timeline on my watch and know exactly where you should be at what time. I will gently guide you and your bridal party through each part of the day making sure you look and feel flawless, joyful and happy!

Someone who knows your love story

Every #courtneypaigecouple love story feels like reading a sweet romance novel, the kind that you instantly feel connected to the main characters. I truly love hearing about where your relationship started, how you got engaged, your funny quirks, your favorite foods, all about your pets, and what you love most about one another. I am going to want to follow your story long after your wedding day, because I am truly as invested in you as people and as a couple. Telling the story of your love and your wedding is a job I give my whole heart to. We are creating the memories that will fill the pages of your wedding album. The album you will share with your loved ones long after your big day, telling them about your love, about the first time you two saw each other during your first look or your walk down the aisle, about the last dance of the night as the music faded away. Your wedding photos will tell your love story long after we are gone. They should be timeless and full of your genuine and real emotions. I love hearing from my couples how they can hear the song they danced to for the first time as husband and wife as they look back on their photos. 

What you can expect:

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Engagement Sessions

Being engaged is such a special season in your lives, and its one worth remembering! 
Engagement sessions are included in all full packages with Courtney Paige Photography! Its not only important to remember this time, but it also makes your wedding day photos next level! Your engagement session helps you get comfortable in front of the camera, familiar with my poses, gives you photos to use for that wedding website and is a great excuse to take a break from the planning stress for a dressed up date night after your session! We will spend about an hour and a half to two hours on your engagement session. Taking this time will help us take your newlywed photos in half an hour to an hour so that you can get to your friends and family at your reception faster on your wedding day! 

Kind Words From a Courtney Paige Couple

"Courtney photographed my wedding and the pictures are beautiful. She did so much more than that though. She helped us so much. I am not sure there would have been a wedding without her. She is an amazing person."


Packages with Courtney Paige Photography include a complimentary engagement session and an heirloom wedding album. Packages range from 

$2,000 - $4,750

If an experience with Courtney Paige Photography is something you would like to know more about please use the contact box below. We can meet for tacos, coffee, or a video chat to find out if Courtney Paige Photography could be the right fit to create timeless, romantic & genuine images of one of the biggest days of your life!

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