• A list of bride details 

• A list of Groom details

• A list of extra details you may not have thought to include that will put your photos over the top!

What's included in this guide?

Have you dreamed of having your details photographed like those dreamy, magazine and pintrest worthy photos? Girl, I got you! This check list will make sure you have every thing you need to have picture perfect details. 

Yes, Give me all the details!

Laura Huntley-Hrabnicky

“Courtney Paige is an amazing photographer. She was my daughter Sara’s, photographer for her wedding yesterday. We owe so much to Courtney. She is a beautiful woman, she was beside Sara the entire day. She was not at the wedding only as a photographer, it was more like part of our family. She walked us through every step and detail. The wedding was even so much more, because of Courtney.”

Word on the Street

Wedding details are my second most favorite thing to photograph on a wedding day. So much time, thought and effort goes in to planning the littlest details. Most of the time, these aren't as noticed as some of the bigger things. Thats why photographing them in a beautiful , magazine picturesque style is something I am passionate about. You've worked too hard for them to go un-noticed. 

photographing wedding details is my specialty!

Courtney Fact:

Courtney's favorite detail: Perfume Bottle

My favorite detail was the most planned out one of our entire wedding. My husband and I each picked out a new perfume and cologne. We wear it on special occasions and anniversaries. Smelling it brings flashbacks of our wedding day. 

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