If you had told me 8 years ago when I picked up my camera for the first time, that I would find such passion and joy in photographing weddings I would have thought you were crazy! But here I am, completely obsessed with loving and serving my Courtney Paige Couples with the fire and intensity of a thousand suns. I go to sleep every night dreaming of all of the first kisses, contagious laughter and tiny details of weddings. I wake up every day feeling like I have the best job ever. I couldn't do it without the best couples ever.

What I love most though is supporting my couples and empowering them with knowledge. It’s not every day of our lives we plan weddings. For most of us it’s a once in a lifetime day. Planning is stressful. I know myself, the last thing I wanted on my wedding day was to have anxiety and stress written all over my face. I don’t want to look back at my photos fifty years from now and see a shred of sadness and neither should my couples. That’s why things are a little different here at Courtney Paige Photography. You aren’t just getting a photographer who only shows up on your wedding day. You’re getting a new best friend, a cheerleader, a wedding textbook in human form and you're getting someone who will love and serve you with their entire heart. With almost 100 weddings under my belt, I can confidently say that your most cherished memories are safe with me. You can trust your love story will be told in true, romantic and magazine style photos. Your story is worth telling and remembering. Someday your grandchildren will hold your wedding album and see the visual and tangible tale of your romance. It has been an honor to capture those heirlooms for so many couples, could you be one of them?

I am Courtney, the name and lady behind the camera over here at Courtney Paige Photography. I serve fun and loving couples who value natural beauty, genuine connection and timeless photos on the best day of their lives.

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Wife. Taco Lover. Dog Mom. Car Karaoke Master.

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